Modena Keeps the Rock Rolling

Not too long ago I wrote an article all about my love of my favorite rock band Hoobastank. In that article I mentioned a local up and coming band named Modena that I was excited about. I recently obtained their self-titled EP from one of the members of the band and I was so blown away that I just had to write about it.

After watching the Second Time Around video on Youtube, my appetite was whet to hear the actual CD that this band would produce. I am happy to announce that the CD was great, better than many others that I’ve heard.

Here is the track list:
Second Time Around
Hang It High
Hit & Run
Surrounding You
Blatant Disregard
Case Study

It’s hard to pick favorites, but I would have to say that they are Second Time Around, Hang It High, Hit & Run, Surrounding You, Blatant Disregard, and Case Study (l said it was hard).

It’s kinda funny because a friend of mine was just saying how at the turn if the century there was an explosion of awesome hard rock and alternative rock music on the mainstream but it has died down in favor of pop music. I had to agree. However, bands like Modena are trying to keep real rock music alive.

My first impression was that I was gonna listen to this CD again. In fact, I listened to it the times the day I received it. This band reminded me of other great bands, like Hoobastank (the grandest compliment I can give), Default, and Three Doors Down. It didn’t take long at all for my head to start bobbing and it didn’t stop until after listening to the CD the third time.

These four guys belong together musically. James Carlson’s vocals reminded of the lead singer of Saving Abel, and I couldn’t believe the way that Justin Womble played lead guitar. It was like something I’ve never heard before. Add to that a slamming bass guitar and drums by Stewy and Derek Daigle, and you have a wonderful marriage of rock instruments.

So if you, like I, have been craving good rock music like we used to have around the turn of the century, then check this band out. In addition to their video Second Time Around on Youtube, you can also get a taste of their music at their website at

This band is moving in the right direction toward stardom, and are even working with the same producer who worked on Hoobastank’s first CD. I really wish Modena well. They definitely have the talent to take to rock scene by storm!